April 10th, 2000


by Marvin Leach • in The Internet

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Listen up, surf potatoes! You might remember a few issues ago when good ol’ Marvin Leach hepped ya to the good samaritan goings on at thehungersite.com, where a simple click translates into staple food donated to the United Nations World Food Programme by the site sponsors.

(Side note to all you doubting Tom, Dick and Harriets out there who still might not believe the honest-to-goodness-ness of The Hunger Site. It’s now partnered with and operated by GreaterGood.com, the portal that lets you shop the web and donate up to 15% of your purchase prices to selected charities.)

Gather ’round, my little web monkeys, ’cause unkie Marv has got another doozy for ya. Yup, another way to help out a little while cruising the web. This one’s a bit more roundabout, mind ya, but I’m sure that even those of you with quick-edit-MTV attention spans can sit through the lesson, which I call:

How To Do Good While Sitting On Your Ass

STEP 1: If you haven’t already been to thehungersite.com yet today, then what in the name of Sam Shepard are you waiting for? Steer your browser there and click some good! Sheesh.

STEP 2: All right. Now cruise over to AllAdvantage.com, go through the motions to get an account, and download the AllAdvantage viewbar. The viewbar is a program that works with your web browser to track your time online, so that AllAdvantage can PAY YOU FOR SURFING THE WEB! Getting the idea now, aren’t ya, junior?

STEP 3: DO NOT write to Marv complaining that the viewbar is nothing more than an ad banner that sits at the bottom of the screen that won’t go away until you quit your browser. Well what, ya think that the folks at allAdvantage are going to give you dinero for nada? Think again, Sparky.

STEP 4: Surf away! Remember, AllAdvantage only pays for the first 25 hours of surfing any given month. But at $0.50 an hour, you can rack up $12.50 a month.

STEP 5: Tell your friends about AllAdvantage, and have them sign up using your referral number. Then you’ll get a little extra in your AllAdvantage coffers when they surf ($0.10/hour for direct referrals, $0.05/hour for second-, third- and fourth-generation referrals). While you’re at it, tell your good buddies to check out thehungersite.com, as well, dagnabit!

STEP 6: When you get your cheque from AllAdvantage, REFRAIN from blowing it on a square of barley, a fancy new blender, or that new Fiona Apple/Fat Boy Slim Remix. No No No. Pop that puppy in the bank, and cut a cheque to your fave charity. And since you’ve got the chequebook out anyhow, why not add a couple of bucks of your own to the mix? C’mon, ya know ya wants ta.

Okay, I can hear the smarty pants out there chiming in: ‘Well, can I have AllAdvantage send my cheques directly to my charity of choice?’ The official word is, ‘Not yet’, but the people at AllAdvantage are looking into it. In the meantime, you’ll have to do that work yourself.

And speaking of work, none of these brownie points get ANY ONE OF US off the hook not to do the right thing. But Marv figures why not do some good while soaking up those RGB rays? If only Neilsen would start paying us channel jockeys to watch re-reruns of Three’s Company on the ol’ tube.

AllAdvantage.com (for charity) 90%


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