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Kyle Dawkins

February 23rd, 2000

Board Stiff: No Gomers

in Fashion | X-Treme

People who don’t snowboard think of the sport as a “winter” thing. And who can blame them? During the winter, they’re inundated with television commercials for soft drinks, chewing gum and sportswear that incorporate one shot or other of some very cool-looking snow rider catching some massive air or carving through waist-deep powder. But those [...]

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June 15th, 1999

Harry Connick “Come By Me”

in Music

Have you ever noticed that the phrase “a bit like Harry Connick” is used to describe songs recorded long before Mr. Connick was even born? The fact that Chet Baker and Fred Astaire are sometimes compared to Harry Connick, rather than the other way round, just goes to show that he is succeeding in [...]

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