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Marvin Leach

April 10th, 2000


in The Internet

Listen up, surf potatoes! You might remember a few issues ago when good ol’ Marvin Leach hepped ya to the good samaritan goings on at, where a simple click translates into staple food donated to the United Nations World Food Programme by the site sponsors.
(Side note to all you doubting Tom, Dick and [...]

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December 31st, 1999

The New Year’s Resolution

in Personal

Linus Van Pelt drives us to the shores of self-improvement at the beginning of every new year? Why the need for the New Year’s Resolution? An added topic for small talk over mincemeat pie and eggnog?
Could be. But as this new year approached, folks seemed too preoccupied with re-telling tired Y2K jokes, or too brimming [...]

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December 15th, 1999

The Hunger Site

in The Internet

The Internet is a colossal waste of time. Oh, let’s make good use of our Reader’s Digest word power and say that it’s brobdingnagian; a trance-inducing super TV with a near-infinite selection of channels, and nothing on. Sure, there are a few good sites here and there, but finding something worthwhile can sometimes feel like [...]

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November 30th, 1999

in The Internet

If there’s anything that’s sure to piss me off, it’s being disappointed. Nothing makes me throw a red-faced tantrum more than having the rug pulled out from under my feet. So imagine, if you will, the berzerk rampage that ensued when it turned out that all my smart and savvy shopping around for a web [...]

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