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November 15th, 2000

Little Green Men

by Olaf DeWinterNo comments

John O. Banion is an overly serious host of a Sunday morning news show. In the first seven pages of this novel, Banion destroys the President of the United States. Nathan Scrubbs, part of “the only kept secret in the United States government,” is about to destroy Banion by staging his alien abduction, and from [...]

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May 15th, 2000

Stephen King Novels

by Caroline WeynerowskiComments (1)

When I finish a book, I automatically give it a review. I suspect everyone does. You think about what you liked about the book, about the author, about certain phrasings that linger in your mind, and more often than not, you experience a mingling of satisfaction and regret — satisfaction to have read a good [...]

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November 30th, 1999

Poetry Nation

by Andy BrownNo comments

In Poetry Nation Reggie Cabico and Todd Swift have gathered an impressive assortment of artists — 120 Canadian and American “fusion poets.” They have chosen this term wisely, to avoid connotations of “spoken word,” a scene which has developed a bad reputation in recent years mainly because of the simpering nasal tone or journal-entry-rant style [...]

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November 15th, 1999


by Woody BrownNo comments

In the summer of 1996, on assignment for WIRED magazine, Neal Stephenson, a hacker/tourist, wandered through the less travelled subterrain of three continents, tracing the ports of call of FLAG — the Fiber-Optic Link Around the Globe. After filing an epic 39-page article (Wired 4.12, December 1996), he began work on another epic, a 950-page [...]

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