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May 15th, 2000

Carry the web in your Palm

by Michel VranaNo comments

In my previous installment on reading e-books on the Palm organizer, I touched briefly on a service called AvantGo. Maybe a bit too briefly, actually, since AvantGo is so absolutely cool.
In simplest terms, AvantGo lets you browse web sites off-line with your PalmOS device of choice (the service works with WinCE devices and certain cell [...]

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April 10th, 2000

Reading an eBook on a Palm

by Michel VranaNo comments

The other day I came home from work and relaxed a bit with a good book. Stretched out on the sofa, I enjoyed a few moments in William Gibson’s world of Neuromancer. An apt choice, since I’ve elected to read this seminal cyberpunk novel using my trusty PalmOS device.
And it’s all Stephen King’s fault.
I would [...]

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November 2nd, 1999

Mouse Tool

by Ellyn KerrComments (2)

MouseToolTM …”software that clicks the mouse buttons, so you don’t have to.”
“Writers’ cramp” used to be an almost romantic term for me, suggesting a bespectacled James Joyce-type in a brown woolen suit, discreetly writing observations into a small notebook before fashioning something literary on a dependable Underwood, one clackety-clack after another.
The term quickly lost its [...]

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June 3rd, 1999

Unitrap vs. iCatch

by Michel VranaNo comments

For many computer enthusiasts who purchased Apple’s recent iMac or Blue and White G3, there was an instant dislike of the puck shaped mouse that comes with these machines. While aesthetically pleasing and certainly in line with Apple’s ‘Think Different’ approach, the round mouse is a bit of a challenge for most computer users.
Initial complaints [...]

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