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May 1st, 2000

“Man, I feel like a woman”

by Dave HauerstockComments (2)

The Shania Twain video (”Man, I feel like a woman”) appears to work on a number of different levels. At first glance, it comes off as a clever take-off on those Robert Palmer videos from the 80s that featured Palmer front and center in a suit and tie, backed by a group of musicians, all [...]

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December 15th, 1999

RHCP at Woodstock 1999

by Stephanie SegalComments (4)

I should begin by saying that this concert is, I expect, likely to be an experience I shall find difficult to truly relay with mere words, and for this I send the red hot chili peppers my most sincere and deepest heartfelt gratitude and love.
I haven’t seen the RHCP since Lollapalooza in ‘92. I did [...]

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Beck’s Midnight Vultures

by Michael PictonNo comments

Walking into the big HMV in downtown Toronto last week, I looked up to see a ten-foot tall pair of zippered hot pink pants leering down at me with a suggestive tilt to their hips. On a fluorescent green background, these pants (with a zigzag flash of neon bursting from the crotch, no less) make [...]

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October 13th, 1999

Sinatra at the Sands

by Warren WilanskyNo comments

I understood the attitude. But until I heard “Sinatra at the Sands”, I didn’t understand the entertainer.
I’d heard all the hype (”he’s the entertainer of the century”, etc.), and I hadn’t cared. I didn’t get it. I got the swagger of Sinatra with Sammy and Dean, but when it came to performing, all I saw [...]

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June 15th, 1999

Harry Connick “Come By Me”

by Kyle DawkinsNo comments

Have you ever noticed that the phrase “a bit like Harry Connick” is used to describe songs recorded long before Mr. Connick was even born? The fact that Chet Baker and Fred Astaire are sometimes compared to Harry Connick, rather than the other way round, just goes to show that he is succeeding in [...]

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