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January 6th, 2009

Garbage Garbage-men

by Stephanie SegalComments (3)

You want a review?
Here’s your stinking review.
I just got back from my morning walk. It’s a balmy -4 degrees in Montreal today, and the sun is shining. But do I have a happy, refreshed feeling as the rosiness fades from my cheeks? Hell, no.

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February 12th, 2007

Waiting in Airports

by Allen MendelsohnComments (3)

Fuck. No seriously, fuck. Nothing annoys me more than a delayed flight. I don‘t know what it is. Maybe the fact that you‘re just stuck there with nothing to do, a potential charge of $8 for 15 minutes of Wi-Fi access and you can‘t seem to connect anyway. I don‘t see any tech support people [...]

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December 17th, 2006


by Judes DickeyComments (2)

There’s something I have to tell you before we start any of this. It’s a small thing, but I really have to get it off my chest.
I hate reviews.
Seriously. They make me angry. I know I should be bigger than this, but I can’t help myself. I’ve often wondered why mainstream media affects me in [...]

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November 29th, 2006

Going to the cottage

by Allen MendelsohnComments (2)

I have always been a city boy. I like the lights, the people, the businesses. I sleep great in the city. I used to live virtually above Station 10, the now-defunct Downtown Montreal police station. It was noisy all the time. I slept til noon. I could walk back and forth along Ste-Catherine Street between [...]

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May 5th, 2000

Drinking With Your Parents

by Jason GallagherNo comments

It’s not much of a surprise to anyone who knows me that I like to get drunk. I usually get a good drunk in once a week. Nothing crazy by the standards of today’s 18-year-olds or of the Bukowski’s of the world, but I like to throw one into my weekly regime. Lets just say [...]

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April 10th, 2000

Chicks, Dames & Broads

by Stephanie SegalComments (3)

“What’s in a name?” someone once posed. I’ve found myself pondering that very thing as a result of being exposed to a current trend at my workplace — the referring to girls, or to women, as “chicks”. Let it be said that I don’t like it in the least, as I am not infantile poultry [...]

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March 15th, 2000

Freezing Washroom Water

by Ellyn KerrNo comments

About this matter, the words “pet peeve” do not begin to convey my annoyance.
Imagine one is at a restaurant, enjoying a meal with friends. It would not be uncommon, at some point in the evening, to require the use of the powder room. After one has removed oneself from the table, headed to the appropriate [...]

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January 18th, 2000

Millenium Maddness

by Melissa AronczykNo comments

Christmas being the overblown holiday that it is, with all those long-standing traditions to respect, presents to buy, carols to sing, trying family obligations, and turkey stuffing recipes at, it has gotten harder and harder to fit all the seasonal rites and rituals into one holiday. To counter this impediment to maximum holiday enjoyment, [...]

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December 31st, 1999

The New Year’s Resolution

by Marvin LeachNo comments

Linus Van Pelt drives us to the shores of self-improvement at the beginning of every new year? Why the need for the New Year’s Resolution? An added topic for small talk over mincemeat pie and eggnog?
Could be. But as this new year approached, folks seemed too preoccupied with re-telling tired Y2K jokes, or too brimming [...]

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November 30th, 1999


by Stephanie SegalComments (2)

When I was a kid if I wanted to go shopping on the weekend I had to make sure that I hit the bank before it closed on Friday, or I was shut out. You wanted money; you stood in line at the bank. That was all there was to it. I imagine then that [...]

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