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March 15th, 2000

Drawing, Idea and Method

by Michel VranaNo comments

For a while after I’d graduated from the Ontario College of Art, I tended to view my time there with a somewhat jaundiced eye. I’d look back at my 3 years in the oft-mocked department of General Studies — a create-your-own type of programme which has since morphed into the rather chic “Interdisciplinary Studies” — [...]

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June 3rd, 1999

Work Fair

by Ben MaycockNo comments

A job search can often be demoralizing, at best. So it was in a state of anxiety that I learned of a Work Fair being held across the harbour in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. A notice of the impending event arrived with my once embarrassing, now anticipated EI cheque.
“You are Invited to Attend
World of Work
A Wide [...]

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