November 29th, 2006

Going to the cottage

by Allen Mendelsohn • in Personal

I have always been a city boy. I like the lights, the people, the businesses. I sleep great in the city. I used to live virtually above Station 10, the now-defunct Downtown Montreal police station. It was noisy all the time. I slept til noon. I could walk back and forth along Ste-Catherine Street between my office and rue du Fort all day and all night and be happy. I’ve lived in the Downtown core for the last 15 years, loved every minute of it.

But going to the cottage rocks.

It goes by many names. You tell people “I’m going (to the cottage / to the country / up North / to the country house / to the chalet)” but they all mean the same thing - getting the hell out of the city. I personally say “Going up North” because I tend to go to the Laurentians, which are North of Montreal.

Like I said, I love the city, but I think it’s only because I can leave it and come back. The peace and quiet, the nature, the fun, the things you do you would never do in the city, the air, the moon, the stars. Everything seems more vibrant in the country, but more relaxed at the same time. It’s hard to describe - you just gotta go to check it out.

I am very lucky. All my life I have had cottages to go to. My extended family rented them from the time I was 6. When I was 15, we finally bought one. I go as much as a can, especially when no one is there. Gotta enjoy the real peace and quiet.

So what’s to do at the cottage? What is there not to do? Well, first off, doing nothing is good. Seriously. Just sit there and do nothing. You might never do that in the city, but it’s acceptable, even encouraged, in the country. Maybe you read a book. You play games - our cottage is a Scrabble hotbed. You eat. You drink. You take naps. You watch the weather (you can’t beat a country thunderstorm). You eat some more. You do activities - ski and skate and build snowmen in the winter; hike, canoe, or do tons of other outdoor stuff in the summer. You can do as much or as little as you want at the cottage - no one will say anything. It’s up to you. Some may describe it as boring. I think it’s perfect.

So why didn’t I give this a 100%? F***ing traffic. Goddamn motherf***ing traffic. Getting out of the city is a nightmare on a Friday night. All roads out of Montreal lead through the Décarie Expressway and the nightmare that is the Décarie Circle.

But inevitably it’s worth it. You don’t see scenes like this in the city.

Comments(2) » Blog Archive » Reviewguys said:

[...] A project from long ago has been brought back. It’s not much yet; the content has been dumped into Wordpress, a bare-bones template applied, stuff is a bit broken, but…. there’s the first new review in years now up! This was a “review blog” way before the time of blogs. [...]

November 30th, 2006 at 10:30 am

Luke Magee said:

Woohoo! So nice to see the Reviewguys back again!

I\’m not sure the cottage deserves being knocked back 5 % because of a City-problem (traffic) though;)

December 1st, 2006 at 2:01 am

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